BYSM is teaching me about the Bible and I’m learning so much and I know and feel closer to Jesus christ after each sermon.
– Chris

“BYSM teaches me how to love one another and teaches me more about the Bible than I ever knew before.”
Cathy S

“BYSM has taught me the meaning of fellowship and hearing the Word of God; its bringing the Lord back into my heart. I’m very grateful.”
– Helen

“By Your Side Ministries is a place to be. There is always a positive impact to myself, family, community and ministry.”
– Wilkins Ombongi

“The care and prayer of BYSM has led me to God’s throne and I am totally free!”
Harriette Joy

“By Your Side Ministries is true to their name, standing by my side throughout these last several years that my husband and my mother went to Heaven.”

“BYSM taught me the importance of building and having a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
–  Tina

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Pastor Dave Gillum

By Your Side Ministries

1246 Brandy Lake View Circle
Winter Garden, FL 34787


Call Us: 321-305-1111

We are a 501C3 organization dedicated to Building the Family of God through Jesus Christ, daily fellowship, and social media. We lead worship services, daily Bible study and provide daily meals.

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